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As a railway, metro or tramway operator, you want to prevent accidents as much as possible. Sometimes, fires or inadequate human behavior are a danger for your operations, leading to extensive delays, severe damage to your infrastructure or rail fleet, or even the loss of human lives.

Thanks to recent technology advances, cost-effective solutions exist that can help prevent these problems. FLIR Systems, a worldwide leader in thermal imaging cameras, has been active in the security and transportation markets for many years. Today, the company is offering a range of solutions that can support you in safeguarding your railway operations.

FLIR thermal imaging cameras for level crossing safety, tunnel safety and platform safety

Thermal imaging cameras produce images of invisible infrared or “heat” radiation. Based on temperature differences between objects, thermal imaging produces a clear image in any lighting condition, day or night. Thermal imaging cameras will allow you for example to detect trespassers, stopped cars on tracks, people falling from platforms on tracks, people walking in tunnels, etc.

FLIR thermal imaging cameras for waterways safety

Thermal imaging cameras will allow you to detect whether cars, pedestrians or objects are still on bridges before opening them for a passing ship. They can also be used to look onto the water and detect incoming vessels.

FLIR video smoke detection on board train wagons or in tunnels

When things get critical, fast smoke detection can save lives and infrastructure. FLIR’s video smoke detection technology detects smoke within 10 to 60 seconds, and thus enables emergency responders to intervene at a very early stage of the fire. FLIR’s video smoke detection technology is a highly reliable Very Early Warning System, based on years of operational experience in more than 700 road tunnels worldwide. Our video analytics system allows you to position the smoke and provide the right information for the evacuation messaging panels.