Pedestrian presence sensors


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FLIR’s pedestrian sensors are improving safety and efficiency in urban areas all around the world. Detection of pedestrians allows for the dynamic control of traffic lights and warning lights, such as flashing beacons or in-road lighting

FLIR’s Traficon pedestrian sensor portfolio offers integrated solutions combining a camera and detector in one:

  • C-Walk: detection of crossing pedestrians
  • SafeWalk: detection of waiting and approaching pedestrians

Pedestrian presence detection for traffic light control


The problem:

  • Reduced safety at signaled intersections


The solution:

  • Detection-based traffic light control
  • SafeWalk and/or C-Walk pedestrian detection sensors

The results:

  • Safer crossing and better adapted green times for pedestrians
  • Reduced waiting times for both pedestrians and motorists

Traficon’s C-Walk and SafeWalk sensors make use of predefined detection zones (“virtual loops”). As soon as a pedestrian enters the predefined zone, a detection output is sent to the traffic light controller, enabling the software to lengthen the green time for the pedestrian and delay the green time for vehicles.

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Pedestrian presence detection for activation of warning lights

The problem:

  • Bad visibility of pedestrians at unsignalized crossings

The solution:

  • Detection-based warning light activation
  • SafeWalk or C-Walk pedestrian detection sensors combined with LED in-road markers or flashing beacons

The results:

  • Increased pedestrian safety and visibility
  • Reduced vehicle speed
  • Increased braking distance

Warning lights are very effective in enhancing driver awareness and impacting on their behavior in ways that reduce risk to pedestrians. Warning lights will help motorists recognize pedestrians when crossing and reduce speed in time before approaching the actual crossing. However, traditional, continuously flashing warning signals will have a reduced effect, as motorists do not receive any real stimulus to change driving behavior. This is not the case with detection-based warning signals, which can be activated based on the detected presence of pedestrians.
FLIR’s Traficon video detection sensors C-Walk and SafeWalk can be used to activate warning lights, such as in-road lighting or flashing beacons, as soon as pedestrians enter a pre-defined detection zone. Video detection from FLIR will take into account the unpredictable behavior pedestrians typically have when crossing the road. By activating the warning lights, FLIR’s sensor technology will enhance safety and visibility for vulnerable road users crossing the road.

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