Urban traffic monitoring


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Urban traffic monitoring

Vehicle presence detection for intersection control

 FLIR video detection technology is a highly reliable and accurate alternative to loops and other detection technologies for signalized intersection control and management. Traficon’s integrated TrafiCam sensor provides information on the presence of vehicles approaching or waiting at the intersection.

Pedestrian presence detection sensors

 FLIR’s pedestrian presence detectors SafeWalk and C-Walk are able to give pedestrians the appropriate green time and visibility, so mobility and safety of both motorists and vulnerable road users is guaranteed.

Queue detection and data collection

Intelligent sensors and board are a cost-effective solution to gather traffic data, monitor traffic flow and emulate or simulate loops on highways and inter-urban roads. They can be used for temporary or permanent applications to collect all relevant traffic data such as volume, speed, occupancy and classification on multiple lanes, day and night and in all weather conditions.

Detection and monitoring solutions for urban traffic applications:

FC-T   Traficam   Traficam
FLIR FC-Series T 
  Traficam   TrafiCam x-stream 

Safewalk    Safe2walk      C-walk
  Safe-2-Walk   C-Walk